Apr 092011

According to various internet and print media sources, Britney Spears has been enslaved by her management, ala “Interstella 555“.

“She’s not allowed to quit or even change her style because Dad’s in charge and Britney’s not legally allowed to make those decisions on her own anymore…

This is all the doing of Jamie Spears, her (allegedly) emotionally abusive recovered-addict father, who finally succeeded in his wrestle for Brit-Brit Control in February 2008. That was the year Britney’s public trainwreck (detailed poignantly in this Rolling Stone article) bottomed out and, while Britney was in the hospital, Jamie’s lawyers arranged the conservatorship that granted him exclusive rights to Britney’s personal life and financials. It was supposed to be temporary, just ’til she got back on her feet.

But when Britney got healthy, Jamie’s lawyers actually pushed for greater authority and, on October 28th of 2008, Jamie secured a permanent conservatorship. PERMANENT! So HE OWNS HER FOREVER!”

Source: It’s Not Britney… (autostraddle.com)

What Britney Spears really sounds like in-concert: raw microphone feed synched to concert footage

TIL Britney Spears is legally controlled by her father and has to keep making music or she will lose her kids (she’s a slave 4 u)

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