Jul 042015

William Gibson’s Spook Country features a young Cuban exile named Tito, family-trained in Russian Systema and KGB tradecraft, who incidentally picked-up Parkour and an esoteric mix of Carribean Voodoo spiritualism. He’s pretty-much the most competent street agent imaginable, a “snake on ice”.

For one of his jobs, he’s given a pair of GSG9 Adidas running shoes, which is apparently a thing. GSG-9 is Germany’s premier counter-terrorism and special operations unit, the kind of people you send to retake a commercial airliner held hostage on the tarmac. And apparently they commissioned custom footwear, which you, the consumer, can now enjoy.

Incidentally, I just watched Avengers: Age of Ultron (watchable in a popcorn way), and in a scene where Hawkeye is gearing-up, I was amused to notice that after he carefully selects various high-tech arrowheads, he reaches for a pair of Adidas sneakers. Clearly he has good taste.
Update: They’re surprisingly comfortable, and the tread must be seen to be believed.

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