Jul 212015

Password management isn’t something most people are familiar with. But you know how you have to try 3 times to login to that site you don’t use much, and finally have to do a password reset or consult a ratty notebook or, more often, a rat’s-nest of post-it notes in a drawer somewhere? Yeah, that’s no way to live.

Keepass is a password vault that saves all sorts of credential info using strong encryption. You just have to remember a single, preferably complex password to open it up, then copy/paste that password you need. Keepass entries also have a large “notes” field for miscellaneous info, like answers to security questions, ISP account numbers, etc. It takes a little discipline to keep it updated, and some time to type your info into it initially (I spent like 4 hours churning through my email finding account passwords), but it’s worth it. Never struggle with logins again, and your info’s all strongly encrypted.

Best part is, you can get it as a “portable app”, which means it doesn’t require installation. It’s a folder with the program (an .exe file), a database (a .kdbx file), and a few .dll fils. You can just copy the folder to a flashdrive, then open it on any other computer. Or email it to yourself, whatever. The default encryption will protect you from any hacker short of the NSA, and if you bump it up you can probably even defeat them (or at least give them a modest headache). Just don’t lose your master password, or you are absolutely screwed, at least until quantum computing comes along.

From this link, get the “Professional Edition”, “Portable” version”. It’s free, open-source software: “Professional” juts means that it’s Keepass v2 instead of v1. http://keepass.info/download.html


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