Jul 262015

Just got a new Logitech G710+ for work – good all-round mechanical keyboard (runs $90 on amazon.com as of 7-26-15). Six macro keys, 3 profile keys, lots of multimedia keys. The software’s pretty easy to use, and the keys aren’t too loud. Also, the keyboard layout’s completely standard (in case you already use lots of keyboard shortcuts and really need “ctrl”, “home”, and other keys to be in the normal places your fingers expect).

Update: The bastards really got their hooks into me. I bought one and took it to work, leaving my Steeleries Apex mo. 64145, the world’s most unusable keyboard, at home. Flat keys, silicone-dome action, and just generally awful. Just ordered my second G710+ for home. Think I’ll give the SteelSeries to charity: a crooked charity that skims money off donations – this might slow them down a little.

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