Aug 042015

Gun Gripes is a series of short videos about firearm types, operation, safety, and miscellanea. It’s like Andy Rooney if he worked in a gun shop (and wasn’t lame). Lots of good information too.

Favorite quote (concerning the Glock 19):

“This gun has no manual safety. You don’t need a safety on a gun anyway because the safety’s in your head.”

That might sound simplistic in a hillbilly gun-nut sort of way – it’s not. Experienced Gun People don’t think of safety in terms of buttons and switches to protect novices from themselves. Right Thinking is focused on habit.

The Glock has no “external” safety switch – if there’s a bullet in the chamber and the trigger is pulled, it fires. But if you’re using it properly, there are multiple redundant safeties, each of which multiplicatively reduces the chances of injury until it’s astronomically low. Unintentional firing his unlikely because you keep your finger outside the trigger guard. If you do accidentally pull the trigger, you had it pointed downrange anyway, or else at the ground. Even then it’s probably unloaded, because when it was handed to you the first thing you did was eject the magazine and rack the chamber back, locked, to ensure it was empty.

You might be thinking, what if someone wasn’t that careful? Well in that case, a safety switch wasn’t going to help anyway, and they had no business handling a firearm. It’s got nothing to do with natural skill or aptitude, just attitude. If you have respect for what you’re handling and what it can do, you’ll practice discipline, and habit will eventually take-over. And when that one-in-a-thousand moment happens where you’re not paying proper attention, habit will save your ass. It’s no different from driving a car: if you check your blind-spot every time no matter what, then with practice you’ll wind-up checking your blind-spot every time no matter what. This is Right Thinking.

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