Nov 152015

Living in Nashville is pretty-much the pits. I mean, it could be worse: Detroit still exists (at least on paper anyway). At least there’s plenty of bars.
But occasionally we do get a brief glimpse of civilization. There’s a lovely art museum downtown, the Frist Center, a beautiful building that once housed the post office (which now occupies a smaller space downstairs). Through January 6th they’re exhibiting a collection of drawings by Michelangelo. A majority of them are architectural sketches – not my bailiwick but nonetheless interesting. However the few preparatory drawings for things like “Madonna and Child” are well-worth your 12 bucks. If nothing else, how often do you get to eyeball 500-year-old drawings by possibly the greatest artist that ever lived from 10 inches away? Officially you’re supposed to keep an 18-inch distance, but in my limited experience at different galleries around the country, I’ve found if you clasp your hands behind your back and lean-in with a studious look on your face, nobody really gives you any shit.

I don’t know anything about art, but even for a hopeless philistine such as myself, there’s a definite “Holy Shit” factor when you take a close look at this stuff.

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