Nov 262015

Powers is one of my favorite comics – one of those ones you read again and again over the years until the damn things fall-apart. It’s the crowning achievement of the now-ubiquitous Brian Michael Bendis, with artwork to match by Michel Avon Oeming. Forget the television series, pretend it never happened: it bares hardly any semblance to the source material.

Detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim work the “Powers” division, handling crimes by (and against) persons with super-human abilities. Their cases take them from the highest pinnacles of wealth and celebrity to the most squalid places imaginable. They deal with the best and worst humanity has to offer, though most everyone they encounter falls somewhere in-between. Walker and Pilgrim have the best buddy-cop relationship in the history of fiction, hands-down, and their banter alone is worth the price of admission. Powers is by turns subtle and garish, quiet and brash – but always classy, fun, and smart as hell.

Powers (Wikipedia)

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