Dec 142015

I disagree with your truly hard-core religious fundamentalist on a few points, be they Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or whatever:

  1. That book you’re in-love with?  Totally a good book, or else it would hardly have stood the test of time.  It’s historically-important, beautifully-written, and thought-provoking: but not thought-ending.  If you thumb to a random chapter and start reading, it should ideally make you start thinking, not stop.  No reasonable God would grant you the capacity for critical-thinking just to test your faith.
  2. The notion that 100% of said book is literally the word of God is, well, a little unrealistic.  Don’t get me wrong – if God has actually appeared before you and specifically made a point of confirming that he wrote or approved every word of it, then yeah, who am I to argue?  But historical records suggest pretty strongly that the great venerable religious texts were cobbled-together from oral traditions that predate reliable written history, then re-complied and re-written multiple times by people who may have been motivated by political as well as spiritual motivations.
  3. If there is a God, it’s really hard for me to imagine that he lacks a sense of humor, and/or that he expects you not to have one as well.

That said, here’s the story of Lot.  Enjoy!

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