May 222016

Zootopia is an adorable, well-written, well-executed piece of holy-shit-awesomeness.  Apparently Disney is back in that business now.  The story behind that is complicated, to say the least, and I’m way too drunk to do it justice, or even understand it myself.  Here’s a boozy overview based on 10 minutes of wikipedia…

John Lasseter was “Chief Creative Officer” and “Executive Producer” for Zootopia; however, it was a product of Walt Disney Animation Studios, not Pixar.   The reason this film isn’t a train-wreck is that he basically runs both of them now.  Disney’s first attempts at acquiring Pixar during the Isner period were rebuffed, but a happier marriage was arranged once Iger took the reins and offered to make Lasseter czar of all Disney animation.  The two animation houses operate separately under his freakishly-talented leadership.

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