Mar 172017

This Showtime series is so good it’s unreal.  Simple premise: a few comics chat half an hour about comedy.  I’ve never seen a single minute of it that wasn’t great though.  I think a big part of it’s the execution.  The guests are seated in a semi-circle facing each other, not the audience.  There’s a “host,” but he’s more of a participant – he doesn’t interview them, nor is it a panel discussion.  They’re all intelligent and speak intelligently – there’s no playing to a crowd whatsoever – but it never gets heavy.  It’s 20% Q&A, 30% stories, and 50% them ripping on each other.  It’s what late-night talk shows should be.

This link (while it lasts) is season 2 ep 1, with among others Gary Shandling, Ray Romano, and Bo Burnham.

I’m working my way through Season 1 atm.  The first episode was awesome.  The second one’s making me laugh so hard it physically hurts.

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