Bill Hicks – Letterman revisits censored performance

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Dec 092015

Bill Hicks was arguably the greatest stand-up comedian who ever lived. In my opinion he and Doug Stanhope are in a class by themselves. Various others whom I enjoy very much, including the brilliant Louis C.K., nonetheless occupy a lower sphere altogether in my eyes. To some extent it’s personal taste, apples and oranges, and your mileage might vary. Other than Lenny Bruce, I’m not familiar with any other comedians who’ve even attempted this particular type of style.

Hicks performed on Letterman’s “Late Night” for the first time in 1983, and went on to make a total of 12 appearances, the last of which, on October 1st, 1993, was removed from the final broadcast by Letterman and his producers. In this remarkable 2009 episode, Dave revisits Hicks’s final appearance on “Late Night” and expresses regret at his decision to censor Bill’s last performance on broadcast television prior to his death by pancreatic cancer the following year. His guest for the occasion is Bill’s mother, with whom he discusses Bill’s life, work, and final months. He then presents Bill’s previously-unaired performance in its entirety. It’s an unbelievable classy segment.