Temple Grandin (2010)

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Apr 062017

The movie’s tons of fun.  But unlike most biopics/adaptations, it’s also accurate; Grandin likes it.  Watch the movie, then her TED talk.  She does lots of speaking about autism, and repeatedly mentions things in the film that were well-depicted.  There’s also a lot of really simple-but-fascinating facts about human and animal psychology in the TED video that have me really looking-forward to reading her books.

Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla

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Jan 092016

This is a few years old but just found it on reddit.  It’s incredible to watch a troop of gorillas simply moving along, doing their thing – they’re so intelligent, it’s spooky.  Or at least it feels that way because we’re so used to thinking of all “animals” as dumb beasts.  Truth is, we’re animals too.  A majority of Americans don’t agree with that, of course, and more’s the pity: they’ll never understand any of Devo’s lyrics.

Scientists reverse cause and effect?

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Jun 242015

As reported in this Daily Mail article, physicists at the Australian National University may have successfully demonstrated retrocausality, whereby an effect precedes its cause.  Their findings were published in the May 2015 issue of Nature Physics.

Thomas Young’s classic 1801 “Double-Slit experiment“, showed that light can behave as a particle or a wave.  From the article:

When shone through one slit a single glow on the wall behind appears as if the photons are behaving as particles, when a second slit is introduced, this changes to an interference band as if the photons are behaving as waves.

This experiment instead used a helium atom and a laser grid to produce the same effect.  The researchers found that when they added a second grid behind the first, it changed how the beam behaved as it passed through the first one.