8 Unbelievable Real-Life Doogie Howsers

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May 202010
Snapshot of young Wendy Vo

“Every year a new child prodigy seems to pop up and battle both puberty and the challenge of earning multiple degrees before they can see an R-rated movie at the theater.  We’ve highlighted the latest crop of young geniuses who are real-life, present day Doogie Howsers (minus the IBM computer diary).”


Personal Journal of Doogie Howser, M.D.

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May 202010
Screenshot from Doogie Howser's PC

“The following is considered original research, but done with the utmost accuracy. Spacing, capitalization, line returns, and typos have been left original. Use care when editing. Note that in many cases the dates do not agree, or indicate that the story order is different from the broadcast order, or may cause continuity issues (any of which may or may not have been intended).”


Introduction to the Paleolithic Diet

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May 202010

I just learned about this diet, which completely avoids grains, beans, potatoes, and dairy. Its advocates say humans began eating these “neolithic” foods relatively recently in our evolutionary development, and have not yet had time to completely adapt to them. There’s no scientific consensus on the paleo diet yet, but its adherents seem to love it, and initial studies show promise.

May 192010

I found this article interesting.  It’s by a guy who gave up soap and shampoo for awhile (he still showered regularly).

The other day I read a ton of forum posts by people who gave up most, if not all, of their daily regimen of beauty products such as shampoo, soap, cleansers, creams, etc.  The response was overwhelmingly positive.