Mr. Oizo – Ham

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Apr 142017

The foundation of all economic theory is the concept of scarcity.  Case in point…

The Saga of Tanya the Evil

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Apr 102017

Good anime series.  Only one season, so I suspect you’ll have read the Manga to see how it ends (though the anime reaches a perfectly good stopping point).  There’s lots of neat historical parallels, though for each one there’s an example of how the series diverges, so don’t read too much into that.  It’s by no means an allegory, and many aspects are more characteristic of WWII (such as the aerial component), though there’s no Hitler.  I’m impressed by some of the little things (like the French starting the war without helmets).

On a more personal scale, the protagonist has a definite Job thing going on between herself and God.   Though to be sure, Job wasn’t such a bitch-on-wheels.

Sun Kil Moon – Richard Ramirez Died Today of Natural Causes

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Apr 082017

Lots of people who love Kozelek’s older stuff dislike his current work.  Took me awhile to get into it, but after – struggling against is the wrong way to put it, maybe muddling-through? – his recent albums, I went-back and listened to those early classics like “Katy Song” and, while I still love that stuff, my first, overwhelming reaction was, “Man that guy’s grown as an artist.”

Which is not to say you shouldn’t go-to-town on those original Red House Painters albums if you’re not already familiar with them.  But the current Mark Kozelek is a much more intelligent, nuanced, and confident songwriter, and his output represents an accordingly heavier broadside weight.  In his twenties he was an unusually dangerous frigate; now he’s the HMS Victory.

Case in point: I think this track is just as coherent as “Medicine Bottle,” but far more potent.  Richard Ramierez (aka. “The Night Stalker”) was a highly-publicized serial-killer in the mid-80’s, but the song’s not really about him at all.  It’s that last part of the title, “Natural Causes”, that’s the real boogeyman in this piece.  It certainly scares the hell out of me.

Temple Grandin (2010)

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Apr 062017

The movie’s tons of fun.  But unlike most biopics/adaptations, it’s also accurate; Grandin likes it.  Watch the movie, then her TED talk.  She does lots of speaking about autism, and repeatedly mentions things in the film that were well-depicted.  There’s also a lot of really simple-but-fascinating facts about human and animal psychology in the TED video that have me really looking-forward to reading her books.

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low

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Mar 182017

In case you don’t catch it the first time, the entire video’s an extended metaphor for the Russo-Japanese War, ending in an emotional dissection of the naval battle of Tsushima and a foreboding glimpse of the occupation of Manchuria.

Just kidding, I have no fucking clue what’s going-on here.  Deep down low, man… deep down low.